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EGMH Vision and Mission

EGMH-Vision and Mission

The Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston (EGMH) is creating a cultural and educational museum dedicated to preserving and promoting Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of nonviolent conflict resolution by cultivating universal values of Truth, Nonviolence, Peace, Love, and Service. The museum will highlight the power of nonviolent conflict resolution through examples of peace leaders worldwide, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, and others. Gandhi’s transformative philosophy of nonviolence led to India’s independence and inspired civil rights, freedom, and social justice movements across the globe.

Our primary focus will be on Nonviolent Conflict Resolution. EGMH will impact the community positively as its purpose is to educate all visitors to choose nonviolence to settle conflicts. The museum is “not about objects but for someone” — inspiring champions of peace with each visitor. The goal is to encourage visitors to embrace these values in their own lives. When it opens in the Summer of 2023, it will be the only such museum in all of America dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. From the design of the building, the visitor experience, and the educational programming, the museum is the essence of Gandhi’s teachings and will highlight his way of life.

This new civic asset, the Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston, is projected to welcome 30,000 visitors annually, including middle and high school students from Houston ISD, Fort Bend ISD, and various charter schools such as KIPP and Yes Prep.

What will be the Impact of the Museum?
We see our vision as:

1. Immersive Exhibits will inspire visitors of all ages and cultures to reflect on their potential to be catalysts for positive social change — leaving the visitor to consider the challenge: Are you ready to make the change you wish to see? Are you prepared to be the Catalyst for change in your life and community?

2. Youth Education Programs will equip middle and high school students to resolve conflicts nonviolently through docent led field trips and interactive and traditional learning to develop empathy, character development, and critical thinking skills.

3. Beyond its cross-cultural and educational impact, it will also be a significant economic driver, stimulating local and international tourism and jobs.

No one knows where the next Gandhi will come from because the power for positive change lives in each of us. We don’t have to adopt his lifestyle to follow in his footsteps. His legacy calls us to do our part through actions large and small to make a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. We are only a few months from opening Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston. Over the next few weeks, we will share further details about the museum gallery and its contents. So please stay tuned with our weekly installments.

The total budget for EGMH is $10 million, of which we have raised $7.3 million. To support this project, please help spread the word and follow us on our social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram – @egmhouston. To learn more and donate, please

visit, call 832-850-EGMH, or email

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