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Eternal Gandhi Museum


The Eternal Gandhi Museum (EGM) is a groundbreaking new initiative of Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi Library. One of the world’s first digital multimedia museums, this unique new destination will keep the flame of Gandhi’s legacy and impact alive by presenting key historical events associated with Gandhi’s life and a variety of interactive experiences inspired by Gandhian thought.

The Museum will be located in southwest Houston on a 3-acre property at Beltway 8 South and Riceville School Road. This location is advantageous because of its proximity to local highways and area school districts.
Mahatma Gandhi has changed the lives of millions of people in India and around the world by serving as an apostle of truth and peace and showing that profound social changes can be achieved through nonviolent means. Almost seventy years have passed since his death, but his teachings are as relevant as ever.

Houston is now one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the U.S., according to Rice University sociologist Stephen Klineberg. Due to the city’s multicultural population and respect for diversity, it is an excellent place to host a new Museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The EGMM will augment Houston’s rich variety of cultural and educational offerings and become a must-see destination for visitors from across the region and far beyond. Houston will be the only city in the United States – and one of just three locations around the world – to host the Eternal Gandhi Museum.

In today’s world, conflict and violence are ever-present. To address the root of these critical problems, it is essential to cultivate the universal values of peace, truth, nonviolence, love, and service through children’s education and community dialogue. This is the Eternal Gandhi Museum’s mission. We believe that people of all ages will be drawn to the EGMM as a place to reflect, learn, and celebrate these values.

In addition to offering world-class interactive exhibits and programs, the Eternal Gandhi Museum will be place for community dialogue, especially among those yearning for Gandhi’s teachings. In today’s fractured world, there is tremendous need for dialogue based on Gandhian philosophy and principles. The Eternal Gandhi Museum will be a gathering place where people of all backgrounds can learn about nonviolence, simple living, and adherence to truth – and how to apply these principles in contemporary society.

Consistent with its educational mission, the EGMM will provide highly engaging and educational field trip experiences for school children from across the Houston area. Age-appropriate activities and content will be tailored to meet the needs of each group. Our hope is that every child in the region will visit the Museum at least once during their school years.

RdlR Architects has been selected to design the museum, and the design phase is underway. The capital and construction portion of this project will be evaluated against the project budget and fundraising progress. We hope to honor the Gandhi Sesquicentennial Year in 2019 with a celebration in partnership with the museum.

The capital campaign for the Eternal Gandhi Museum is led by the Mahatma Gandhi Library fundraising committee, consisting of Board members Devinder Mahajan, Dr. Manish K. Wani, Atul Kothari, and Ajit Paralkar. The Museum will be managed initially by a group of MGL volunteers with Dr. Wani serving as Executive Director and Mr. Paralkar as Outreach Director. Once the Endowment Fund exceeds $1 million, a full-time Operations Director will be hired.

The total cost to build and furnish the Eternal Gandhi Museum of Houston is $8.5 million. This includes the land purchase, construction of building, exhibits and endowment. Due to strong early support for this project, we have already received $2 million in commitments, including pledges from members of the Board of Trustees of Mahatma Gandhi Library, other donor commitments, and an in-kind donation ($0.5 million) from the Aditya Birla Group. To raise the remaining $6.5 million, we are seeking generous support from individuals and foundation across the Houston area who recognize the impact that the Eternal Gandhi Museum will have on our community.

All gifts to the Eternal Gandhi Museum will be recognized on our virtual donor wall in the museum lobby. We plan to develop a meaningful and sincere way to display our deep appreciation for all gifts – large or small – to our campaign and acknowledge all Museum supporters while also keeping the integrity of the space.

For more information, please visit or contact any of our Board members below:

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Atul B. Kothari713.962.0952
Devinder Mahajan713-494-5382
Ajit Paralkar281-788-4786
Dr. Manish K.