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EGMH – Transformation to a Satyagrahi in South Africa

Eternal Gandhi Guseum Gouston Opening
Summer 2023

The Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston (EGMH) is creating a world-class cultural and educational museum dedicated to preserving and promoting Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of nonviolent conflict resolution by cultivating universal values of Truth, Nonviolence, Peace, Love, and Service.

When it opens in the Summer of 2023, it will be the only museum in the Americas dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The museum will highlight the essence of Gandhi’s teachings and ways of life, from the design of the building to the visitor experience and educational programming.

Mahatma Gandhi spent 21 years in South Africa, where he developed his political views, ethics, and politics.

Without a doubt, the discrimination and violence experienced Gandhi Experienced in South Africa set him on a lifelong path. The shy young lawyer unwilling to allow bigotry and injustice to thrive had found his passion. But he refused to counter violence with violence.

Inspired by the Bhagavad Gita and filled with words of Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi vowed to resist unjust British laws simply refusing to obey. Protests, marches and burning of registration certificates soon followed. He would be beaten and arrested for his actions, but the seeds of “Satyagraha”, nonviolent conflict resolution were quickly sown across South Africa and the world.

The total construction budget for EGMH is $10 million, of which we have raised $7.3 million. To support this project, please help spread the word and follow us on our social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram – @egmhouston. To learn more and donate, please visit, call 832-850-EGMH, or email

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