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The concept is simple—to create a place where people of diverse backgrounds can come together and learn the stories of leaders who were committed to make profound social change through peaceful means. Their stories, in concert with experiential learning, dialogue, and the practical application of nonviolent conflict resolution and mediation, will propagate the message of peace and demonstrate the power of peaceful resistance to right social injustices and inequities.

This concept does challenge our assumptions of museums. Museums are traditionally collection‐based; they

“tend to be about something but not for someone”

– Stephen E. Weil

In this case, this unique museum is for someone creating champions of peace with each visit. It is mission‐driven, focused on timeless teachings and positive outcomes. It will be a vital place to cultivate community dialogue and understanding.

Gandhi Freedom Fighter

“Methods for generating compassionate peace of mind are essential today.
We need to understand what gives rise to inner peace and what destroys it in order
to bring about a nonviolent world.”

– His Holiness the Dalai Lama

– (a letter to the Board of Trustees dated January 19, 2019)

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