Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston

Project Goals & Impact2021-08-23T05:19:38-06:00



The Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston is projected to host 30,000 visitors of all ages and backgrounds each year, based on surveys of museums and schools conducted by the Museum and Education consultants.

The Museum’s purposed goal is to educate all people to
choose nonviolence to settle conflict.


The guiding principle for this project is to create—through the life and work of Gandhi—a thriving, vibrant Museum aimed at positively impacting the community through its visitors while creating a sustainable new cultural and educational resource for the Greater Houston area.


To create opportunities to engage in diverse and meaningful cultural experiences that bring together people from diverse backgrounds to learn about truth, communal harmony, simple living, and nonviolence and how to apply these vital principles in contemporary society.


To educate youth and teach them the skills needed to utilize the Gandhian principles of peace, truth, nonviolence, love and service in their everyday personal lives. This will enable them to recognize and overcome conflict resolution barriers and address conflict resolution in their homes, and their communities, thereby empowering them to be effective advocates and problem-solvers.

The potential impact of this program and the museum is boundless.

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