Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston

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Museum Concept and Design

The EGMH Board of Trustees hired a team of renowned national experts in architecture, exhibitions, education, and museum operations to bring this transformational Museum to Houston.

“Museums are traditionally collection‐based; they tend to be about something but not for someone”

– Stephen E. Weil

In this case, this unique museum is for someone – creating champions of peace with each visit.

Award‐winning museum design firm Solid Light has crafted a series of innovative multi-media exhibits that will be the heart and soul of this dynamic museum. Designs are now at the 75% completion stage.

The visitor experience encourages exploration and engagement with Gandhi’s story. The Museum delivers key messages through thought-provoking, immersive experiences designed to educate, entertain, and inspire lasting change. There are three large thematic gestures:

  • His Journey: Gandhi’s Story is an Inspiration for Our Future
  • Our Journey: Gandhi’s Teachings continue to change Our World.
  • My Journey: Inspire visitors to explore and reflect on Gandhian principles to find resonance in their Own Lives.

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