Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston


Eternal Gandhi Museum

A Learning Place

The Eternal Gandhi Museum will be an extraordinary and vital educational resource for the community. A place where people of all ages, including children, can learn about Mahatma Gandhi and his core values in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

Digital Multimedia Museums

One of the world’s first digital multimedia museums, the museum will present the historical events of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s life through a variety of exhibits that allow visitors to learn through modern technology and hands-on activities.


The museum will also offer an array of programs for adults, such as Wisdom of Gandhi workshops in partnership with Unity of Houston, classes, and speaking engagements.


The Eternal Gandhi Museum will have an extensive library of books by and about Mahatma Gandhi, along with other digital resources through a collaboration with the Gandhi Research Foundation.

The Eternal Gandhi Museum will be an educationally valuable field-trip destination for children from across the city. Field-trips will be tailored to each group’s age range, interests, and educational goals. The field-trips will cover topics such as

  • LeadershipLeadership
  • Non ViolentNonviolent Conflict Resolution
  • EnvironmentalEnvironmental Conservation

Please visit here for a virtual tour.

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