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Financial Overview

The Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston has acquired 3 acres of land in southwest Houston and is launching a capital campaign to fund its development.

The total budget for construction and endowment is 13 million dollars as follows:

Our total capital campaign goal is $13 million consisting of $10 million for construction and $3 million for the endowment. The capital campaign for EGMH has reached $6.7 million which consists of $3 million grant secured by Congressman Al Green, $1.1 million from the trustees, $750,000 from the Houston Endowment, $ 465,000 from Fort Bend County, $100,000 from the Elkins Foundation and the remaining $1.075 million from generous donors like you.  The EGMH capital campaign is off to a strong start, only $6.3 million remains to be raised from philanthropic foundations, corporations, and private donors.

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