Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston

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Eternal Gandhi Museum

Conceptual Design

Over the past few months RdlR architects team led by the Lorie Westrick have worked diligently to incorporate all our inputs and suggestions to create the best possible design for the Eternal Gandhi Museum. Thanks to their tireless efforts and creativity the above design has evolved.


Eternal Gandhi Museum Conceptual

EGMuseum, Garden and Out Door Classroom


Conceptual Design – Floor Plan

The floor plan is a simple one yet elegant! Visitors will be arriving to an open welcome lobby. They will enter the museum through a vestibule, a LEED requirement, into the lobby. Behind the lobby is the multipurpose room where the visitors will be shown an introductory film about the museum.

There will be two additional display areas on each side of the multipurpose room. The visitors will then proceed to the main museum area where the Eternal Gandhi Exhibits will be displayed.


Eternal Gandhi Museum Floor

EGM is planned as a cost effective structure to be elegant in its simplicity like Gandhiji himself.


Conceptual Design – Aerial View

The museum is designed to provide easy flow of visitors, especially children, to move from the parking lot to the museum.


Eternal Gandhi Museum Aerial

EGM is envisioned as a jewel among the woods. The 3 acre site will retain a natural appearance. EGM architecture and gardens together form a complete circle to represent the ethernal truth found in Gandhi’s teachings.

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