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1000 Lights For Peace celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s 149th birthday!2019-12-23T01:51:16-06:00

1000 Lights For Peace celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s 149th birthday!

Let the lighting of lamps for peace be not an empty gesture, but light the lamp in your heart with courage and oil of love, said Dr. Sita Kapadia, a Gandhian, at the “1000 lights for peace” event celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi at Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park, Houston on Sunday, October 14.

1000 Lights

Dr. Kapadia, emeritus professor at the City University of New York, who had met Mahatma Gandhi when she was 9 years old, was speaking at the concluding ceremony of the Mahatma Gandhi Week, hosted annually by Mahatma Gandhi Library, Houston.

Gandhi knew that there won’t be peace in the world all the time and proposed a solution, namely start it with children. That is what Mahatma Gandhi Library has been doing as the children who participated in the Mahatma Gandhi Week-2018 Speech contest demonstrated earlier, Kapadia said.

“These children do make us proud; they give us hope”, she said and urged the community to help Mahatma Gandhi Library in its movement of lighting the lamps of peace.

Mahatma Gandhi Library celebrated 15th annual 1000 Lights For Peace in spectacular way on Sunday, October 14, 2018 at the Miller Outdoor Theatre.

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